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EZY Fogging Liquid 5Liter / Fogging Disinfection Liquid / Nano Mist / Disinfectant Liquid 5000ml

RM 75.00


💯 5L Nano Mist Fogging Spray Disinfectant Liquid Non Alcohol Multipurpose Use 💯
💯 5L Nano Mist Fogging Spray Disinfectant Liquid Non Alcohol Multipurpose Use 💯
💯 5L Nano Mist Fogging Spray Disinfectant Liquid Non Alcohol Multipurpose Use 💯

✅ +Anti-Bact+ Nano Mist Fogging Spray Disinfectant
✅ Suitable for most fogging machines
✅ Hospital Grade
✅ No harmful residue
✅ Non Alcohol
✅ Non Staining
✅ A disinfectant with anti-mite effect
✅ Can be use with Nano Spray Gun
✅ Multipurpose use for school, factory, hospital, home, restaurant
✅ Prevent the growth of bacteria and kill 99.9% of bacteria
✅ With SGS certificate
✅ Dry goods, affordable, welcome to inquire about retail/wholesale
✅ Safe for adults and children

1. Product Name: +Anti-Bact+ Nano Mist Fogging Disinfectant Liquid
2. Active Ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride
3. Type: Liquid
4. Color: Clear
5. Characteristics: Produce evenly distributed fog when use with fogging machine, with evenly wetting capabilities for efficient surface sanitization

1. Office, home, shops and factories disinfection
2. Disinfection of air and spaces
3. Car and vehicles disinfection
4. Disinfection of clothes
5. Disinfection & sanitization of various surface
6. Disinfection of untouchable area and corner where normal cleaning cannot be achieved

✅ Compliance to KKM active ingredients for disinfection
✅ Non-flammable
✅ Non-caustic and non-staining
✅ Effective against bacteria, virus & fungi
✅ Suitable for sanitization of office compound, factories, construction sites, etc
✅ Suitable for long term use

Disposable disinfectant
➕Disinfection dual purpose disinfection water

The scope applies to:
✅Office, home, shops and factories disinfection
✅Shoes/shoe cabinet
✅Space environment disinfection

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